Cherry Orchard Fairy Couple 2
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Cherry Orchard Fairy Couple 2
Cherry Orchard Fairy Couple 2

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These fairies: The Cherry Orchard Fairies have been exclusively designed and made by Halinka for Cherry Picked For You.

These fairies are sold as a couple. You will see the berets they wear are like cherries with a green stalk emerging from the top. We are so delighted with these and hope you will be too. If you are one of those discerning customers who already collect Halinka's fairies we feel sure you would want to add these Cherry Orchard  Fairies to your collection. They come with a hanging for you to decorate twigs, a tree or just put them on a wall in your house. The man is fortunate to be in a position to have a choice of partner, so he can be bought with this attractive lady or another one - lucky him! - click here to see him with his other partner.

Cherry Orchard Fairy Couple 2

The fairies and little characters are all handmade by Halinka. They are constructed using a wire armature wrapped with yarn.  Each figure is clothed with carefully chosen fabric such as silk, lace and vintage evening dresses.  They are then embellished with hand stitched embroidery, beads and seqins. Finally each character is completed with a wonderfully expressive face and each one is unique. No one will have exactly the same as yours!

Cherry Orchard Fairy Couple 2
by Halinkas Fairies £ 39.00

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There is a single  delivery charge for Halinka's Fairies and rabbits of £3.00 whether you buy one or several pieces in her range.

Delivery Cost: £3.00 by First Class Royal Mail

Delivery Time: Within 1 - 3 Working Days


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