Duck  Porcelain Tea Lights
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 Duck  Porcelain Tea Lights

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These adorable Ivory White Hand Thrown Porcelain Tea Lights have been delicately pierced to produce interesting designs. Depicted here is the Duck design. Each tea light is clear glazed and high fired to 1260 degrees centrigrade so that the porcelain becomes translucent when lit from within.


The sizes vary as each tea light is individually hand made but the approx dimensions are: 6cm tall x 6cm wide.

Duck Porcelain Tea Lights

Anna Perring of Luna Lighting produces stunning porcelain tea lights in many gorgeous designs.

Duck Porcelain Tea Lights by Anna Perring £ 15.00

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Delivery Cost: There is one delivery cost of  £2.00 for Luna Lighting whether you buy one or several tea lights from the range.

Delivery Time: Within 2 days

Delivery Type: First Class Royal Mail


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