Woad Fairy Doll
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Woad Fairy Doll

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Woad Fairy Doll has been made with a felting needle around a pipe cleaner frame.  Her dress is plant dyed with  madder and indigo.  Her wings are cochineal and chamomile. Her hair is naturally curly Wensleydale fleece and has been dyed with woad.  This photo is a guide only.  Each doll is made by hand and therefore unique. Your woad fairy doll will be similar to the one shown.


Approx 28cm tall

Woad Fairy Doll

Skye Meredith delves into her mum's beautiful plant dyed wool and produces unique, handmade dolls. Each one has been made with love. We hope you love them too!

Woad Fairy Doll by Skye Meredith £ 27.50

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Delivery Time: 3-5 working days

Delivery Cost: £2.50 by first class Royal Mail


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