Special Occasion Cake 1
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Special Occasion Cake 1

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"He had Little Bear's trousers but, oh dear, he'd filled them with pink icing and was busy decorating a huge cake with them.

'It's a special occasion cake,' said Bramwell. 'And you have to put icing on special occasion cakes. I thought I could do two stripes at once with these icing bags.'

'But they're not icing bags. They are my trousers!' sniffed Little Bear,  trying hard not to cry.

'I thought I'd seen them before,' said Bramwell Brown.

This extract appears on the inside page, the reverse side of the front cover and is taken from LIttle Bear's Trousers.

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167mm x 135mm

Special Occasion Cake 1

Jane Hissey won worldwide acclaim for her first picture book Old Bear which has been translated into many languages and is now considered a children's classic. Her second picture book Little Bear's Trousers, published in 1987, won equal praise and firmly established her as one of the country's best loved children's authors.

Special Occasion Cake 1 by The Jane Hissey Collection £ 1.99

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