Since completing a degree in ceramic design in 1983 Lincoln Kirby-Bell has worked full time as a studio potter in many countries, carried out some teaching, and worked on a number of archaeological excavations with a ceramic component.

Lincoln says, "I enjoy making work that is witty and fun and can be used every day, works that show individuality, the processes of their creation and hopefully reflect a sense of time and place.  The ceramics I make almost enirely revolve around the concept of 'vessels' or objects that can be used to eat and drink from or contain something."

"My work is very decorative and distinctive due to the decorating techniques I employ, which give a raised textured surface to the decoration. The exuberant use of colours or bold black and white designs extensively covering the surfaces of my work, add to the overall effect. The aesthetic elements are as important to me as the functional considerations, the two coming together to create a uniquely individual object."

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