Annette Bugansky is a British Ceramic Designer who graduated from Central Saint Martin's in London in 2005 with an MA in Ceramic Design. In 2009 Annette won Best contribution to the Show at Origin, awarded by Crafts Magazine.

Annette started her career in fashion and theatre and today this inspires her ceramics. In her work she produces an organic blend of neutral shades and exciting textures. Her designs look equally exciting when empty as when used. The textured vessels combine traditional pattern drafting techniques and Annette's own exprimental knitting, crochet and embroidery patterns to create the surface patterns.  Slip casting in porcelain captures every detail.  Most of her work is in white as she doesn't want to detract from the delicate surface detail.

Her porcelain vessels are hand produced in her London Studio. The models for many of her forms are made on a horizontal lathe, for some she uses a sledging method where a profile shape is cut in metal and drawn across the almost set plaster to produce different contours. For each form she designs 'clothes' to fit perfectly just as if designing for the human form. A cast is taken from this in plaster. A special process is used before a mould is made and then slip cast in porcelain and then hand finished. The porcelain is fired to 1280 degrees centigrade making her products totally watertight.



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